The NEPCA Spring Meeting was held in Worcester, Ma at the Hilton Garden Inn. This year, just like last year, we shared the hotel with cheerleaders and metal heads. There was a cheerleading competition and a heavy metal festival both being held blocks away. The mix of people in the hotel was amusing!
       It was great to see all of the collectors as we missed the fall meeting due to a close friend's wedding being held on the same day last year. Plus, we got to show off our newest paperweight, Baby Charlie. Phil Edelman made jokes about Charlie being the newest paperweight artist & to expect Charlie's paperweights to make a debut at the Fall 2013 meeting. He also congratulated me for my recent Niche Award.

       Dealers and Artists contributed paperweights to the raffle to benefit friend and paperweight artist Alison Ruzsa. The money raised will be used to help Alison get her studio back up and running after Hurricane Sandy destroyed it last fall.

        It was a great weekend!


Charlie reaches for the weights

Melissa Ayotte & Chris Sherwin

Diane Warning

Ben Drabeck

Debbie Tarsitano

Phil & Allan pick raffle winners

Chi Chi wins the Clinton Smith paperweight!

Baby Shoes are almost the same size as paperweights!

Chi Chi with her prize

Lunch Time!

Charlie & Cheryl 

Charlie gets a present!

Charlie & Susie Kaplan Jacobson

Allan Port