We have added a new little paperweight to our family! Charles Timothy Smith was born on December 17th (well past his due date!) at 2:45 am. Charlie weighed 5lbs, 12oz and was born with blond hair. He is a stocky little guy, small and strong. We think he gets that from my Swedish side. And he is stubborn, as he gets that from Katie's Irish side. But mostly, he is just sweet & very cuddly full of newborn noises and funny faces. This is the 1st grandchild on both sides, so our families are elated! As you can imagine, we have been very busy with the little guy, so I have no new paperweights to show you currently, as I am on a self-perscribed paternity leave. I hope to get back into the studio in January, and who knows what other surprises will be showing up in my work now that I have new inspiration in my life. 

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