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News from the Studio

I am entered in a contest to win a new torch.
Click here: http://bit.ly/1mbK4Uh
I'm entered in a contest to win a new torch from Bethlehem Burners. You can vote for me every 24 hours. This would be awesome to win this as I am need of a new torch. Here is my submission below. This is my newest piece and features a green & red lizard with blueberries and flowers. 

Thanks so much!

Also, this month, I have been chosen for the PCA's Artist of the month. It is such an honor to be picked. http://www.paperweight.org/#featuredartist

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Texas PCA, A fantastic trip halfway across the country, all for glass!!!

At the end of June, Katie and I took a trip out to Waco, Texas as we were invited by the Texas PCA to present. Dealer Bill Pitt was the invited dealer and also presented. It was great to share the trip with him as we have known him for a few years now from the New England meetings. Timing was everything, and for awhile this past winter, we were nervously questioning if we would be able to go. Because of all the snow days Katie's school district had, the schedule took us right up to the day before we were leaving to fly to Texas. We all lucked out, and were able attend the Texas PCA meeting.

 The meeting of the Texas PCA was in Waco Tx this time around and was was extremely well organized. Everything is informative, attractively presented and enjoyable. President Sue Soy is very generous and along with other members and officers arranged homemade snacks, gifts and giveaways, and Dr. Pepper floats. The Dr. Pepper was originally called a "Waco" and many of the attendees including ourselves, did pay a visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum. There were two dinners organized for each night, and we tried our best to take over the restaurants with our huge number of Texas PCA attendees.

 I presented a 2-part talk. The first half was my new mini-documentary called, "Working at Home". It highlighting working and living in Berkshire County, MA. The second half was a Prezi presentation entitled, "The Evolution of the Frog", where I talked about how my frog paperweights (favorite subject matter) have evolved from their meager melty squishy beginnings in 2006 or so, to what they are today. Katie and I also were able to take advantage of the fact that we had never been to Texas, and we decide to stay in Texas for almost a week.

Thank you to our parents Mike and Sue Malone and Mimi Brown for watching our son Charlie. Charlie has an awesome pitching arm and loves balls, so paperweights being in the particular shape of, say…a ball! Well…it just wasn't going to happen.

 Katie and I spent several days in Austin, which is a fantastic city! We did everything. We took a a Pedi-Cad ride where our driver was from 3 towns away back home. We ate real incredible Texan BBQ. East Coast BBQ just doesn't do it for me anymore. We made sure we saw a lot a live music on Rainey Street and downtown on 6th street. And finally, Katie is very much into alternative and historic processes of photography. We visited a mobile tintype studio where we got our tintype done! It was really cool to see the entire process from the camera to the processing in the tiny darkroom. We hope to visit Texas again in the near future, what a great state! Thanks for checking this out!



New Strawberry Weight by Clinton Smith and Cut by Ed Poore

Just got back from Texas today and we had a fabulous time. Katie has a million photos to edit from the Texas PCA meeting which was in Waco, TX. The recap of that meeting will be in next month's newsletter. In the meantime, I'd love to share with you a very special weight that made it's debut in Texas this past weekend. My new strawberry weight with flowers was cut by Ed Poore into a basket cut with a checkerboard bottom. It was a big hit at the show and I do believe it truly is stunning.
The first photo is before it was cut.


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Flameworking Workshop with Wes Flemming at Snow Farm

A few weeks ago when Katie and Charlie were at the  Fall New England Paperweight Collector's Association Meeting, I was taking a workshop at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA. Snow Farm is only a quick 45 min drive from where we live, and it's a wonderful place and has workshops and classes ranging from Glass to Pottery to Book Arts. I was able to take a workshop called Flameworked Life Sculpture with Wes Flemming. It was a two day workshop and I was able to learn several new techniques for flameworking. I hope to use some of the knowledge in my paperweights. 

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Fall 2013 NEPCA

Last Saturday was the Fall New England Paperweight Collector's Association Meeting. While I was away at a lampworking workshop, Katie and Charlie were representing my work. They had a a great time reconnecting with all of the collectors, dealers and other artists. Everyone was amazed how much Charlie has grown since the April meeting. We were lucky enough to have Katie's parents come to Sturbridge for the weekend to help with Charlie. The four of them took the opportunity to visit Old Sturbridge Village, which the Malone's haven't done since 1989 or 1990. They got the chance to check out the glass shop, where there were several examples of paperweights showcased. Another neat thing was a list of glass factories in New England. It listed Lenox Furnace which was in Berkshire County just a few towns south of us. Among other things, they made paperweights! It was a fun and busy weekend!

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Vote for Clinton Smith Glass Artisan!

Exciting news!
I am a nominee for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. I need your help. The winner is decided by popular vote, rather than Martha herself. Voting started today and continues until September 13th.

And why?
The paperweight community of artists, collectors and dealers is small. Let's help the rest of America learn about the Great American Paperweight! It's a beautiful artform and many would be enthralled if they were educated about this art form. 

This is how you do it:
Register at on the Martha Stewart American Made website.
Vote 6 times on my page.
Share the link via email or Facebook or Twitter.
Vote again tomorrow.
You can vote 6 times every day until September 13th.

I could really use your help. Because this is decided by popular vote, it is up to you to make this happen! I am in the craft category and it is HUGE. There are almost 1000 nominees in just the Craft category alone. 

My newsletter current has about 100 subscribers.
I have 262 facebook fans for my Clinton Smith Glass Page.
I have 217 facebook friends.
My wife has 476 facebook friends.
I have 2 official followers on this blog.
I have 9 followers on Twitter.

I need every vote I can get.

What's in it for you:
Martha is giving away some prizes to voters every week included Amex gift cards and books signed by Martha herself.
If I win the $10,000 grand prize, you are ALL invited for an open studio party where there will be glass demos, food, libations and good company. Click the logo and Thank You, Thank You! Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge

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The Millers of Liquid Sands come to the Berkshires

The Millers of Liquid Sands Glass Gallery from Savannah, Georgia visited the Berkshires this week. They watched the encasing process in my studio one day this week and spend another day at Gartner Blade watching Danielle, Steve, Colin & myself blow glass. They spent another day meeting our friends Andy & Les of Nunwell Glass at their studio for another glass demo.

One cool thing about being a glass artist is that you get to really know the other glass artists in the region. I have worked for Gartner Blade in addition to working for myself for 11 years now, and it's cool how we all become friends. The glass community in New England is a close knit community of friends, where everyone knows everyone else. In fact, Danielle Blade was a bridesmaid of my wife's in our wedding 5 years ago.

Another other cool thing is meeting gallery owners and dealers who represent your work. Although a few of the galleries I am in are local, most are not. So to meet the people who are passionate about selling your work is a real honor.

Finally, the clients & collectors. They are what makes my business thrive. They are the reason I have a waiting list for my new work. Meeting them is always a blast as they appreciate the time, effort and creativity I put into each piece. One of my favorite things is explain to them the process of making paperweights as they are always curious about how exactly I get the glass flowers into the paperweights.

The Millers watching & documenting the process

Tapping the weight off the pipe

Photos below are:
Dinner with Danny, Mario, Kym & John Miller, my wife Katie & baby Charlie

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Demo at the Wit Gallery, Lenox, MA

Yesterday, the Wit Gallery celebrated their 13th anniversary. The event was held in their beautiful gallery in the quant village of historic Lenox, MA. I was on hand, doing lampworking demos. It was awesome to see the magnitude of interested guests observing, asking questions and and learning about how I make my paperweights. It was a great event & I am happy I was a part of it!


Here are a few photos from the day!



NEPCA Spring Meeting

       The NEPCA Spring Meeting was held in Worcester, Ma at the Hilton Garden Inn. This year, just like last year, we shared the hotel with cheerleaders and metal heads. There was a cheerleading competition and a heavy metal festival both being held blocks away. The mix of people in the hotel was amusing!
       It was great to see all of the collectors as we missed the fall meeting due to a close friend's wedding being held on the same day last year. Plus, we got to show off our newest paperweight, Baby Charlie. Phil Edelman made jokes about Charlie being the newest paperweight artist & to expect Charlie's paperweights to make a debut at the Fall 2013 meeting. He also congratulated me for my recent Niche Award.

       Dealers and Artists contributed paperweights to the raffle to benefit friend and paperweight artist Alison Ruzsa. The money raised will be used to help Alison get her studio back up and running after Hurricane Sandy destroyed it last fall.

        It was a great weekend!


Charlie reaches for the weights

Melissa Ayotte & Chris Sherwin

Diane Warning

Ben Drabeck

Debbie Tarsitano

Phil & Allan pick raffle winners

Chi Chi wins the Clinton Smith paperweight!

Baby Shoes are almost the same size as paperweights!

Chi Chi with her prize

Lunch Time!

Charlie & Cheryl 

Charlie gets a present!

Charlie & Susie Kaplan Jacobson

Allan Port



2013 Niche Awards, Philly & NYC

This past October, I found out that I was a finalist for a 2013 Niche award. The winners were chosen from the finalists and awarded this past weekend at the Buyer's Market of American Craft at the Convention Center in Philly. When our baby came this past December, we didn't know if we would be able to make the trip to Philly, but it turned out that Charlie's grandparents were eager to babysit for the weekend, so we could see if I won. Plus, we were looking forward to spending some time just the two of us for Valentine's Day weekend. We turned the weekend to a mini vacation, although short, it was jammed pack of art at the Buyer's Market of American Craft, friends, food at the Reading Terminal Market, fondue, Italian food, 2 metro north trains, 2 amtrak trains, New York pizza, a micro-brewery, a hockey themed bar, some awesome Indian food at Bombay Palace in New York, billiards, a Broadway show, 2 hotels, lots of strange and fun staff at Ripley's and Times Square and the shortest cab ride ever.
My Submission, Yellow and Orange Late Berkshire Summer

The Niche Awards!
The finalists in the lampworked category

I am the winner!
Accepting the award from Merle Honey Porter of The Rosen Group

Speech! Speech! And why not? How honored I am!
Danielle Blade and Myself with our awards. Danielle and Stephen won in the blown glass category

Myself & Hope Daniels, Editor in Chief of Niche Magazine, photograph courtesy of the Rosen Group. 

On display
At Reading Terminal Market

At Reading Terminal Market

At Reading Terminal Market

Billards in Philly
Train ride from Philly to NYC

At the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC
We saw Chicago! This was the first time we have ever seen a broadway show together.

Enjoying Times Square after the show
At the Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium 

Fun in NYC, our silhouettes


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Welcoming our Newest Paperweight

We have added a new little paperweight to our family! Charles Timothy Smith was born on December 17th (well past his due date!) at 2:45 am. Charlie weighed 5lbs, 12oz and was born with blond hair. He is a stocky little guy, small and strong. We think he gets that from my Swedish side. And he is stubborn, as he gets that from Katie's Irish side. But mostly, he is just sweet & very cuddly full of newborn noises and funny faces. This is the 1st grandchild on both sides, so our families are elated! As you can imagine, we have been very busy with the little guy, so I have no new paperweights to show you currently, as I am on a self-perscribed paternity leave. I hope to get back into the studio in January, and who knows what other surprises will be showing up in my work now that I have new inspiration in my life. 

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Encapsulation on a Saturday Afternoon

I thought it would be fun to show the encapsulation process through photos. I work Monday-Wednesday/Thursday for another hotshop making large scale blown & sculptural pieces. The rest of the week along with evenings, I work in my own studio making paperweights. Sunday is usually encapsulation day, and here is just one weight I finished this past weekend. This past weekend with Hurricane Sandy coming, I knew I needed to encapsulate earlier, as the paperweights need about 40 hours in the annealer and I could not risk a power outage. Due to this planning, I was able to finish the annealing schedule before the storm hit on Monday. We were lucky as we only lost power for three hours and had minimal flooding in the studio. Take a look & enjoy!

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L.H. Selman's Paperweight Weekend in Chicago

As October has just begun, we closed out September with a major bang! I traveled to Chicago with my wife for a quick, but very busy weekend for the L.H. Selman Paperweight Weekend. The weekend started Friday night with a visit to the Selman Gallery in the Fine Arts Building On Michigan Avenue. A cocktail party and ribbon cutting of the expanded Arthur Rubloff Collection followed. The exhibit was impressively exciting! The evening continued with a fabulous dinner at the Chicago Stock Exchange Room in the museum. Saturday's events were held at the Congress Plaza Hotel and featured an Artist's Fair & Artist Presentations. One of the highlights of the day was meeting so many new collectors from the mid-west and beyond. As a "new" paperweight artist located on the east coast, it was awesome to meet people from other parts of the country as well as seeing familiar faces from New England. I also loved seeing fellow glass artists and spending some time with them. It's always cool to see what everyone is up to with their new work. Later in the afternoon, I presented a slideshow of my work along with a short film that Katie made. A black tie event was held Saturday night at the Driehaus Museum. The Driehaus Museum is a mansion from the Guilded Age, and we were amazed by the exquisite detail of the furnishings and decor. After browsing the mansion during cocktail hour, dinner was served and we were able to get to know more collectors over dinner conversation. The evening culminated with dessert and a private viewing of rare and beautiful paperweights presented by L.H. Selman. Sunday morning, we said our goodbyes at the Selman Gallery over a light breakfast and flew back to Massachusetts. Thank you to the Clark family and the Selman employees for putting on an amazing series of events. It was a phenomenal weekend!



A Week at Corning, From the Kiln to the Hot Shop (and back again)

I spent the past week at Corning participating in a worship run by Mark Ditzler, Harry Seaman, and Gayla Lee. The class I took was called "From the Kiln to the Hot Shop (and back again)". I was able to learn many new techniques involving fused glass that I previously didn't have any experience with before. It was a nice change of pace from the blown glass & lampworked paperweights I have become so accustomed to. And who knows? Perhaps I will be incorporating some of what I learned in the workshop with my current art.

Most of the class out for Friday night dinner

Katie & myself

Corning Thermometer

Master Engraver corning Jiří Harcuba

Looking at Corning's large paperweight collection

Watching a lampworking demo

Katie pretends

Look ma! One handed

Miniature display

Hot Glass demo

Activities for kids, they pick children's drawings and make them into glass!

The class in lecture

The Studio

Making Cane

Pulling Cane

Finished Cane

Beadworking Class

Engraving Class

Making More Cane with Stack Techniques

Making a Jelly Roll

Pulling the Jelly Roll

Beadmaking Class

Clear Roll Up

Goblet Demo

My Birthday! Gayla, Sally & Katie were in kahoots all day to surprise me. 

Taking my fused project out of the kiln

Jelly Roll cane pieces & my fused paperweight disc

Working on another fused set up

Making the paperweight

Gathering in the awesome Crucible kiln. (On my wish list!)

Preparing my fused plate for another roll up. Mark in the back working

Mark working on a fusing plate

A finished paperweight

A critique of my work with Bill Gudenrath

Getting ready for another roll up

Roll it up!

Gayla assists with a foot

Naji assists with the punty

Additionally, there are even more photos on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ClintonSmithGlass

Below are  some of the finished pieces from last week. They may not be pretty, but it was a learning experience.