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A Week at Corning, From the Kiln to the Hot Shop (and back again)

I spent the past week at Corning participating in a worship run by Mark Ditzler, Harry Seaman, and Gayla Lee. The class I took was called "From the Kiln to the Hot Shop (and back again)". I was able to learn many new techniques involving fused glass that I previously didn't have any experience with before. It was a nice change of pace from the blown glass & lampworked paperweights I have become so accustomed to. And who knows? Perhaps I will be incorporating some of what I learned in the workshop with my current art.

Most of the class out for Friday night dinner

Katie & myself

Corning Thermometer

Master Engraver corning Jiří Harcuba

Looking at Corning's large paperweight collection

Watching a lampworking demo

Katie pretends

Look ma! One handed

Miniature display

Hot Glass demo

Activities for kids, they pick children's drawings and make them into glass!

The class in lecture

The Studio

Making Cane

Pulling Cane

Finished Cane

Beadworking Class

Engraving Class

Making More Cane with Stack Techniques

Making a Jelly Roll

Pulling the Jelly Roll

Beadmaking Class

Clear Roll Up

Goblet Demo

My Birthday! Gayla, Sally & Katie were in kahoots all day to surprise me. 

Taking my fused project out of the kiln

Jelly Roll cane pieces & my fused paperweight disc

Working on another fused set up

Making the paperweight

Gathering in the awesome Crucible kiln. (On my wish list!)

Preparing my fused plate for another roll up. Mark in the back working

Mark working on a fusing plate

A finished paperweight

A critique of my work with Bill Gudenrath

Getting ready for another roll up

Roll it up!

Gayla assists with a foot

Naji assists with the punty

Additionally, there are even more photos on my Facebook page at:

Below are  some of the finished pieces from last week. They may not be pretty, but it was a learning experience.