Last Saturday was the Fall New England Paperweight Collector's Association Meeting. While I was away at a lampworking workshop, Katie and Charlie were representing my work. They had a a great time reconnecting with all of the collectors, dealers and other artists. Everyone was amazed how much Charlie has grown since the April meeting. We were lucky enough to have Katie's parents come to Sturbridge for the weekend to help with Charlie. The four of them took the opportunity to visit Old Sturbridge Village, which the Malone's haven't done since 1989 or 1990. They got the chance to check out the glass shop, where there were several examples of paperweights showcased. Another neat thing was a list of glass factories in New England. It listed Lenox Furnace which was in Berkshire County just a few towns south of us. Among other things, they made paperweights! It was a fun and busy weekend!

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