The Millers of Liquid Sands Glass Gallery from Savannah, Georgia visited the Berkshires this week. They watched the encasing process in my studio one day this week and spend another day at Gartner Blade watching Danielle, Steve, Colin & myself blow glass. They spent another day meeting our friends Andy & Les of Nunwell Glass at their studio for another glass demo.

One cool thing about being a glass artist is that you get to really know the other glass artists in the region. I have worked for Gartner Blade in addition to working for myself for 11 years now, and it's cool how we all become friends. The glass community in New England is a close knit community of friends, where everyone knows everyone else. In fact, Danielle Blade was a bridesmaid of my wife's in our wedding 5 years ago.

Another other cool thing is meeting gallery owners and dealers who represent your work. Although a few of the galleries I am in are local, most are not. So to meet the people who are passionate about selling your work is a real honor.

Finally, the clients & collectors. They are what makes my business thrive. They are the reason I have a waiting list for my new work. Meeting them is always a blast as they appreciate the time, effort and creativity I put into each piece. One of my favorite things is explain to them the process of making paperweights as they are always curious about how exactly I get the glass flowers into the paperweights.

The Millers watching & documenting the process

Tapping the weight off the pipe

Photos below are:
Dinner with Danny, Mario, Kym & John Miller, my wife Katie & baby Charlie

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