Hello everyone!
My new website is more or less finished! I will only be using this blog to show my life (animals, family, hikes in the wilderness, that type of thing) and shows (mostly retail paperweight shows/meetings for now). The blog will be accessible through the new website and also at http://clintonfsmith.blogspot.com. Eventually, the blog will get a major overhaul as well, but one thing at a time here.

For Collectors, there are pages of Gallery links and upcoming shows that will show you where you can buy my work. I hope to have a "Collector's Only" page in the near feature where you can download newsletters. In addition, I hope to have quarterly if not monthly newsletters that you can subscribe too starting soon!

For Gallery owners, you can sign up to have access to buy my paperweight directly on-line.  

So the new web address is same as the old, but again, it’s http://clintonfsmith.com/ or http://clintonfsmith.com/